So for those who missed it, yeaah Mehndi re-opened! hooorraaay 😛

So i said in my last post, in addition to the “new panties for celebration”, i’d release soon new smexy tops, so… since when i promise, i do, here we go 😛

So yeah, you can choose from these colors, and if u wish in another color just request, i’m all open for requests, always! (this top, just NOT in blue!)

want a limo? take it HERE!

with ♥, Maya



..:Mehndi:.. RE-OPENS! :)

WOOOT! After awhile, i finally re-opened Mehndi, after the fact that my last “work” was at the Black & Blue fair… 😛
With this said, i also released something “simple” just to celebrate, as i soon will release also new smexy tops… 😛

Come and take a look at the re-opened store, take a look at the new items, and of course at the “new” ones that i released just before i had to close it down!

I hope you didn’t forget me muahahah 😛

here’s a sneak a peak of what i released today in celebration:
4 different colors available, or the fatpack aswell 🙂

The colorfull “stomp the dancefloor” jeans, were the new ones before i closed aswell!

want a limo? take it HERE!

with ♥,   Maya


Thank you, black & blue fair!

Me, representing Mehndi store wich is participating at the black & blue fair, want to thank all of you who actually spent your time and thank the ones who will still do it (since the fair is up more 15 days). Once again, i am only thanking as a designer on it, to the people who bought my things and the other’s designers things. I really appreciate it 🙂

It’s a really interesting fair (there was some confusions over there if it was for charity of ppl who assumed it, but it isnt, its simply to raise awareness of a common issue and it’s a pretty much important one) and i couldn’t be more glad to participate in it!
I hope all of you who went there also took a look at the posters and what they say, and for those who didn’t, i really advice you to go even if its just to take a look!

I been also aware that the sim had some problems, but its all resolved , back up again and running! So if u didn’t go, you’re safe now to do so 😀

Thank you, thank you… ❤

Click here to teleport to the fair!

P.S: Lately i’ve been having issues to teleport to everywhere! If you are one like me, try taking off your shoes or scripted stuff u might be wearing, it usually works with me 😛

B&B awareness Fair – Mehndi will be there!

Because i think this is a nice idea and necessary fair, it’s a subject that really motivates me to work on, it is indeed a subject that definitely should be raised in awareness, even more in SL..

How many times did we all come across jerks around the grid that don’t give a sh*t about anyone in sl, even if they are handicap, deaf, OCD, and so on? Of course this happens a lot in RL aswell, but i think we all know that we have some nice heroes in our grid that believe that they can say whatever they wish and make fun of everyone else, treat them like trash, just because they are behind a computer screen…
SL, is a way to make a lot of dreams come true… And to people with disorders or diseases it is a really nice place to make them feel better, i couldn’t agree more!

Once, i’ve met this woman… She was in a wheel chair.. you know what she said in her profile? She did admit she was in a wheel chair, hence the reason she had a club, because in her club she could dance… The way she spoke about this in her profile brought tears into my eyes…
So now whoever is reading this, tell me, are you conscious that there’s so many people around the world our SL world that have mental health issues? It is something they are not guilty of, it just happens, can happen to me, you.. all of us! And how many of you do know for a fact that there’s so many stupid people that just have a wonderful life and come to SL to pretend their big heroes, they’re better than everyone and superior, not giving a crap about such things as this subject?

Anyway, this fair is not about those jerks, it’s about the one main and most important subject right now: raising awareness of mental health issues! I stand up for this, and i hope a lot of people do so!

Mehndi will be participating in this fair, i’ll be giving my best to work on this!
From what i been informed, the poster will be updated along the time 🙂


..:Mehndi:.. St. Patrick’s day Sales! (1L$)

So i’ve decided to put all the green items at Mehndi, only for today by 1L$ as a St. Patrick’s Dollarbie – I know i know, it’s not like we have tons and tons of green items, but still why not sharing in a nice oppurtunity? 😀
So here’s some highlights of what can be found as dollarbie, in green!

Yay here’s one.. yeah, pretend you didn’t see it, let’s move on to the others… 😛

Eep! one for boys 😮 hmmm, i wonder if it turns blue next to me 😛

oh another for boys.. YOU HEARD IT! GO FETCH IT YOURSELF… at the store 😀

and back again to girls.. who kissed you in such a smexy spot huh?

And here’s the last highlight! From one of our lastest release 😉 The Exclamation top in green, obviously its 1L$ aswell along with the other highlights mentioned in this post!

Now, there’s one more item at the store, but you’re gonna have to find it by yourself 😉 You can take the limo [HERE]

I hope you like it andddd.. Happy St. Patrick’s day!! wooot x)


..:Mehndi:.. Dancefloor Stomp Jeans [NEW]

Hey hey! A new release again ^^ I’ve been thinking of making some colored jeans for a long time, but i actually forgot that idea with so many things i’ve been doing xD So here it is finally i made them, and i hope you all like it!
They’re available in 5 colors – Red, Sea blue, Pink, Denim and Purplish ^^
They also come with that sculpted cuff you can see on the ad picture, and i guess that’s it! If anyone wants in other different color i may be able to do it aswell, since i accept custom work 🙂

You can take a limo [HERE] in case you wanna check out!
Hope you like it!


..:Mehndi:.. New tops :)

Today i released a couple of tops. Yep, those above! (in more colors too)
Do you sometimes feel like theres no comments left but only an ” ! ” …..? or maybe a lighting bolt above your head while you control yourself to don’t kill stupid trollers?! I guess these tops will say the right words for you 😛

Here’s the limo in case you want:  Nooo omg don’t click here! D:

Hope you like it ^^
(thanks to Minni, from Mini.Me, for posing on the picture aswell ^^)


..:Mehndi:.. More new releases? wow

So let’s get this started 😀

well yay! a new release from Mehndi, these jeans, some people already told me they look “comfy”, do you agree? 😀 the chains are only for the left leg, and in gold, but of course if anyone wants in silver i can arrange that 😛

Don’t also forget our Valentines dollarbie! Come grab it HERE, picture down:

With love,


..:Mehndi:.. Valentines dollarbie shirts

As it says, no more words needed 🙂  1L$ dollarbie, HERE @ Mehndi

Including a prim-kiss on to slap on your face 😛

Happy valentines day from Mehndi, enjoy the gift and spread the love around Second Life! ^^

I ruff you all!


Sharing is nice! Even more on Christmas!

So this post will have a few rambles and opinions, besides the notes where i got this stuff..
I met today this awesome snowman from Artilleri winterstock who even spoke to me, since i’m a looner in SL he ended up saying hi, and even that i’m looking cute today! So i thought maybe i should share my look with everyone else..

Ok now the truth. I HATE those girls in SL that think they are better than anyone else and “unique”. You know when you go on SL street and randomly find a girl with these awesome jeans you never seen, and ask her where she got them…… and she doesn’t tell you? I think that’s so selfish and unfair. If you are the owner of a store, would you like to have your customers buy your stuff and don’t spread the word where they got them?! I mean, we all want our stuff to be known, and to have more people buying it. These kind of people will just hide your store, not HELP YOU, besides being plain rude and selfish of course. Did i mention it’s selfish already? oh yeah. 😛 For sure i would hate if my customers did that.

Once, i met this girl named Sarina.
Her profile says stuff like: “Unique,there is nobody like me,trust me!Lol!!!” .
I seriously LOL’d at this.
She had this really cute capris and i asked her where she got them. Unfortunately, she was One of them. She even had a pick saying “Do not ask me where i buy my stuff, because guess what? I’m not telling you, and probably just muting you.”
Isn’t this ridiculous?! (she also had another pick boasting about herself and how awesome she was! LOL)

This is the reason why i got this quote in my profile:
“Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.
You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”

So anyways, since i’m so not like that, and since i’m bored, and since i feel like sharing because x-mas is a sharing time, here we go, ill share my look, and make a sort of review about the stores…

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s the first time i’m doing this, and probably won’t do it often. lol

Ok, my cute nerdy looking it’s nothing awesome, unique, or like you never seen before. But i still feel like sharing.. why not?

So, starting with my nerdy retro glasses.. I actually wanted to buy the ones Clementine will release pretty soon on her store Awesome Blossom, but unfortunately, she didn’t yet (really cute store i must say).
So i ended up finding these, not sculpted but prim glasses, at XstreetSL, until i wait for her new release *jumps excited*.

My hair, is one of the awesome lastest releases from Maitreya! No more words need about this store i believe 😉

My necklace, oh my dear pearl necklace – The best one i seen in SL so far, of course it had to be from JCNY!

So now my clothes;
I heard the store where i got my shirt had really big and great sales a few days ago, but meeh, i didn’t get there in time. 😦  Still, i bought that shirt that i felt in love with! It’s from Sand Shack Surf Co.
Oh please, when you get there, try their hair demos! They are SO funny!
My denim skirt, from a really small but nice store, called [Calypso Giano]! For girls and men! They actually got my SL-Favorite-Jeans-so-far!

My nails! Oh i so love my nails, and honestly it was the best store for prim nails i ever found. Not only because they REALLY fit, (even if you have AO and your hands move the position, it has a script or so, to make your hands stand still so they won’t go out of place) but they are original and cute and all that ^^ And OF COURSE, it had to be a Japanese store! Japanese stores in SL are definitly awesome. *+Love Soul+*, is the name of this store. She also sells nails exclusively to take pictures (you are able to set them to the right hand position in a pose for a picture) wich is an awesome idea!

My eyelashes. Those are great and cheap, and easy to fit in your eyes properly. I honestly prefer these than some others i found in SL that are more expensive and harder to fit. These are from a store called Crissy Designs. It also has some cute outfits and i definetly suggest you to check it and look around!

And finally… My lovely brand new shoes (along with my ears and tail).
These, are from [ATOMIC], i believe the shoes are a new release, and they are SO cute, i couldn’t resist. My ears and tail and from that store, well the old store.. i honestly don’t think they sell it anymore, but they also include piercings from Tokeo.Plastik or The Plastik (i don’t understand if they changed the name or so) , yeah i decided to personalize my neko ears 😛

And whoa! I gave a full detailed description of the whole stuff i’m wearing and this turned out into a huge post! O.o imagin if i spoke about my HUDs LOL
Anyway, i hope this was helpfull, hope some people found out stores they didn’t know, and i hope people liked it!

Don’t forget to visit ..:Mehndi:.. to get the sexy christmas outfit i have for free in it only until x-mas day 🙂

With love, Maya Queller.

P.S: Merry Christmas from anticipation 😛

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